Falcon Tech Nepal helps big and small businesses alike get into the digital world and adapt to the changing world.

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Create a new project

You have an idea for a new project and looking for a professional team to bring it to life? Why not partner with us?
We help you throughout the product development lifecycle from refining the idea to scaling the business to grow. We work closely with you to understand all your project’s needs and requirements and deliver the best result.
With our dedicated team of experts in different fields, we can take up a wide range of projects and bring them to fruition according to the clients’ needs

Get dedicated service

Do you need extra manpower for any specific digital service in a part or segment of your business? Require assistance on any specific digital need like web design, SEO, graphic design, or digital marketing?
We give you industry experts and professionals with all the skills you require. Be it graphic design, managing existing software, expanding a preexisting site, or even managing the site; we can work alongside your existing team and provide you expected results.

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Clubhouse Popularity In Nepal

With its Android release, Clubhouse has got huge traction on the Nepali market and has been able to captivate Nepalese as an audio-only and invite-only chat app.

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Combo Tips to grow your business online.

You have started your online business and made a strikingly good website. So, what next? How do you bring in more interaction and customers to your website? How do you grow your online business further?

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Brand Branding and Its importance for small businesses.

Are you looking to market your brand? Confused about whether branding is any good for your company? You’ve come to the right place. We’ll talk about what is branding and why it’s important for small businesses to flourish.

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