The Ultimate Guide to SEO in Nepal 

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What is SEO?

The full form of SEO is Search Engine Optimization. SEO simply means the process of optimizing a website to increase its rank of the site with visibility on the search engine. SEO is a website experience improvement approach specially undertaken to increase search engine visibility, mostly, Google.  We can also simply explain that SEO is a technique that leads the desired sites to results at the top of the search engines.

To understand this, let's take an example. While we search for “Best Digital Marketing Agency in Nepal”, we get multiple results on our screen, but among all of them, the one that has worked hard on SEO will be seen at spot 1. It is an organic method where the content of websites, and most texts are kept on the website so that values can be added to them. Any website that has the best SEO result also guides the Google Crawlers to the site that later perceives to be the best in the market. Overall, SEO is an easy and complex process at the same time. In the multiple SEO companies in Nepal, our team of SEO Experts in Falcon has been successfully provisioning Best SEO Service in Nepal.

What is the Present status of SEO in Nepal?

Currently, SEO has been a huge factor in any company. These days companies without SEO are among those with very poor online visibility. Any company now needs strong visibility that results in staying unknown to customers and gaining benefits in the digital era. SEO has been a bigger approach in Nepal recently. Let’s discuss SEO in Nepal on two topics:

The SEO industry is growing very rapidly in Nepal. With the growth and development of Internet services that have caused an increase in the number of users, digital marketing has been a high priority. The demand for the company to be on the first page of google is very high. This has eventually led the companies to get more interested in SEO, and its approaches and use its mechanism for fast and effective results.

Over the time of 5 years, SEO has progressed a lot. Recently, multiple companies have been hiring an SEO specialist or any SEO Agency to result in the best SEO in Nepal. We can say that SEO service in Nepal is conscientious, which may be the main reason for foreign companies to outsource their SEO endeavors from Nepal. If this continues, SEO can be an ultimate attraction in Nepal in the future.

Is SEO ahead of other Digital Strategies in Nepal?

Yes, it is very sure that SEO is quite ahead of other Digital Marketing Strategies in Nepal. The very important factor in the race, ranking, was checked to know about the situation of SEO in Nepal. As the result, the keyword related to SEO was ranked much ahead of the keywords related to Digital Marketing. We found that SEO has caught the huge attention of users recently. They searched for highly ranked keywords like, “Best SEO Agency in Nepal”, “ SEO Agency”, “SEO Agency v/s Social Media Agency”, “SEO Company v/s Digital Marketing Agency” and many more.

What are the factors that have caused SEO in Nepal to be much more popular?

SEO can be compared to buying a house, which is a lengthy process but that gives very long-lasting support. We can simply say that SEO is a long-term investment. It needs immense effort and optimization but the results are worth the long effort. Companies and brands using SEO are much clear and precise that it takes them a long time to excel well and rank on Google.

With the increasing number of websites, the demand for SEO has also increased.  With the recent instability in the country caused by the pandemic restrictions and lockdown, many businesses have shifted online.  This has caused huge competition for businesses online. For the business to win the race, they started working on social media and Google. With some certifications and training, you can apply for a job related to SEO. 

Business today have been connecting to attract potential users. Traditional marketing has nearly come to an end due to the growth of the upcoming digital marketing strategy. Taking a huge advantage of Google, businesses have been now bringing the best with SEO and Digital Marketing. Hence, SEO is getting more popular and trusted.

The need for a digital marketer who has much expertise in all aspects of the company has been in demand due to the popularity of Digital Marketing.  A Digital Marketer with good aspects is something very hard to find in any company. An SEO expert can earn a good salary range in Nepal, if you are capable of overall digital marketing strategies, you get the bigger project and thoroughly become an SEO expert with attractive pay.

What are the steps involved in SEO in Nepal?

Website Analysis

For a proper SEO approach, website analysis is a must. The performance of the website on basis of speed, competition, traffic, and user experience is considered first which is later tested and analyzed during the web analysis.

Keyword Research

Major keywords for the content should be known so that the proper study of ranking can be used. Using the short tails keyword and long tail keywords to get featured in the google search is one of the best approaches used nowadays.

Problem Identification

If your website is slow or causing some low efficiency, the foremost thing you should do is to check its problem. Identifying the root cause and other minor causes that have been causing the low functioning of the website should be known.

Content Development 

Content with SEO optimization should be created to achieve the goal, build the brand, and also broaden the audience. Keeping in mind the content cluster, content calendar, and content distribution, content should be created, distributed, and audited.

Website Optimization

Website optimization is about utilizing tools, cutting-edge techniques, and testing to improve the website with the main aim to attract more visitors and boost conversion rates. It also increases sales for the website.


To reach a large number of people, you must reach another website so that you can gain links. It can simply be done by working on backlinks which is one of the very important parts of SEO. Mostly news portals and online articles are used for this.

Traffic Increase

Most of the SEO efforts are usually devoted to bringing huge traffic to the website. With increasing traffic, KPIs can be increased which will thoroughly result in better SEO performance.


Reporting includes reporting all the SEO activities, achievements, Google Analytics report, and plans for the upcoming month to achieve a proper study and research. The standard format for the preparation is done which is later reported to the client.


Recently, companies have now realized that SEO is mandatory. Most companies now use result-driven SEO services as the SEO approach. Falcon Tech Nepal, one of the best SEO Agencies in Nepal, offers you the best service in the field of SEO.  Taking the grip in the field, you can also get the consultation to get served with multiple services and achieve a fast result.  Customized SEO strategies and practices for the organization’s growth and visibility are always best for the growth of the company.


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The Ultimate Guide to SEO in Nepal 

SEO simply means the process of optimizing a website to increase its rank of the site with visibility on the search engine. SEO is a website experience improvement approach specially undertaken to increase search engine visibility, mostly, Google.

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