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Digital Marketing In Nepal

What is Digital Marketing?

In simple words, Digital Marketing is a marketing process done online rather than the traditional method. In the era of technology, more than half of the population are spending their time on the internet looking for their desired service. Digital Marketing helps the business to reach the right people in the right place at the right time.

In the present context, Digital Marketing has been crucial in scaling up any form of business. You may have seen any kind of person, whether semi-skilled or highly-skilled, with Internet access. Digital Marketing is the marketing method that can be applied to use the internet to communicate with their audience through different social media platforms they use with the Internet.

Digital Marketing In Nepal

With growing access to the internet in the Nepali Market, digital Marketing has been replacing traditional marketing in the Nepali business industry since the 2000s. From the start of Enterprises, small ventures, and entrepreneurial ventures, digital marketing started growing eventually. The COVID-19 epidemic brought a huge opportunity for the growth of Digital Marketing, especially to the youths. 

How does Digital Marketing In Nepal work?

Let's take the example of a guy who wants to buy a laptop in Nepal. What would he do first? He searches for the laptop on the web. While searching for the laptop, he might also search for the stores or get recommendations on the Internet. Digital Marketing works here.  Have you recently purchased something? Talking about myself, I just bought a set of cups online. Last week while I was surfing the Internet, a small venture who sells cups was recommended on my Instagram page. I could not stop myself from shopping because those cute cups caught my eyes. With the small marketing, that small venture has dragged quite a media. In this way, business uses innovative ideas in Digital Marketing. Nevertheless, Digital Marketing is still growing in Nepal. It is still in the stage of infancy. 

Digital Marketing in Nepal focuses on multiple strategies. You can apply the following techniques. You should have Content, giving the important and needed information about the product. It should be giving the solutions to the product of your customers. Using the Social Media Platforms like Facebook, Instagram or Google, your content can be promoted to engage more with the audiences. 

Search Engine Optimization for the content is needed so that your content will be shown at the top during the search for the related keywords in any Search Engine. The result will be displayed on the Search Engine Result Page(SERP).

You can also use Paid Advertising to drive paid traffic to your website which will increase the participation of the audience. Email Marketing can be used to follow up with the audiences to communicate with them about your new business offers.

These Marketing criteria will help your business grow and establish itself easily using Digital Marketing. The process may be much new if you are new to the digital marketing world, but you might set up a strong foundation for your business with its core knowledge.

Why Is Digital Marketing In Nepal Important?

Digital Marketing is an important aspect of any business. Using the Internet channels, search engines, social media networks, and emails, marketing techniques can be applied in the business that will help a business grow to a huge extent. 

Currently, many Nepali business ventures have started applying digital marketing which has helped them reach the big areas of customers online, where they are spending most of their time. The growth and demand for Digital Marketing have embarked on the advantages of Digital Marketing in Nepal. Further are some importance of Digital Marketing in Nepal.

  1. Digital Marketing helps for high engagement with the audience. It reaches out to many people leading to further increment in the audiences leading to high brand marketing.

  2. With a low investment, a high ROI can be achieved d. Digital marketing is less costly and more effective, this will save a huge amount of time and money.

  3. Digital Marketing involves the population who are involved much in social media. Looking at the surveys, the marketing techniques can be applied to the needed group of targeted audiences.

  4. The study of campaigns and market plans can be easily used in Digital Marketing. An efficient study for the plan can be adopted which will help brands for the plans to grow the business.

Will Digital Marketing work for all types of businesses in Nepal?

Digital Marketing works for all types of business in almost all industries in Nepal. No matter what your company sells, Digital Marketing can be a great opportunity to enhance the market of your products. Any kind of your product can be identified by audiences with marketing on social media platforms. With the valuable content of the product, and applying the strategies, digital marketing can be enhanced. The strategies and techniques for the type of business may differ but Digital Marketing works for all types of business in Nepal.

Challenges for Digital Marketing In Nepal

Nepal is still in the phase of growth in the digital world. We can hear about thousands of digital marketing agencies growing each day. Is it better that new agencies are growing but have all of them established themselves to the point of success? It's very sad to say that total digitalization in Nepal is still far away. The agency dies within certain years. The digital marketing business couldn't run smoothly for multiple unknown reasons. Some of the challenges can be summarized as:

  1. Lack of Strong Rules and Laws for Digital Marketing

The E-commerce sector in Nepal doesn't have strong rules and laws. There needs to be a strong bill drafted so that the online trade business can work efficiently and securely, which will provide a good platform for Digital Marketing also. Though the country is leading compared to past times, there are huge loopholes and gaps in development.

  1. No good Understanding with Clients

Most of the people of Nepal are not highly educated about Digital Marketing. Clients' demand for unrealistic products and needs causes a severe problem between the agency and clients. 

  1. Digital Marketing with improper strategies

Most Digital Marketing companies in Nepal don't follow a strategy. The agencies cannot adopt an efficient strategy due to the poor understanding and demand of the client which leads to the unwanted problem of slow and unworthy results.

  1. Marketing depends upon other platforms

Most digital marketing agencies tend to think that using a popular celebrity or ambassador will help the marketing. They depend on other influencers or celebrities rather than applying strategies for their growth, they depend on others for their work.

Traditional Marketing

Traditional Marketing is the form of marketing that uses traditional methods like advertisements through papers, printed documents, and also digital mediums to some extent. In this type of marketing, they search for customers and try to sell the products. Newspapers, magazines, TV, Radio, letters, podcasts, postcards, SMS marketing, telemarketing, Outdoor Advertising, and Cinema Advertising are some of the forms of Traditional Marketing.

Why Digital Marketing over Traditional Marketing?

As the involvement in digital mediums has increased in a wide range compared to the past times, Digital Marketing is much preferred. Despite Traditional Marketing helps to reach out to a huge population and increase the positive ROI, it has high disadvantages like:

  1. It takes a long time to complete the campaign and the activity has processes that lead to lengthy and clumsy marketing techniques.

  2. Traditional Marketing reaches out to a large group of people at a time but it is difficult to reach out to the targeted age group easily by looking at the demography and other information of a huge population.

  3. Digital Marketing is a two-way communication that includes the involvement of audiences too. With the involvement of the audience, those audiences can give feedback and suggestions leading to growth.

  4. Digital Marketing Campaigns can be completed with a low budget and small planning but traditional marketing requires a huge investment for marketing with a lot of planning.

Major Pillars of Digital Marketing In Nepal

Content Marketing 

Content Marketing is a marketing approach that especially focuses on creating and distributing important, and relevant content which will attract an audience. The audience’s actions will then drive huge customer action. The content includes blogs, articles and graphics, images, and other visual content which drags the attention of the users easily. Visitors to the website increase and those visitors change into customers in the future.

Content is a very essential part of your website. What does a user see on a website? It's the content about the product he desires. There are no other important details than content to show up on a website or any other search engines. Content creation for marketing is a very important part. The inbound links in the content can improve the search engine ranking leading to high traffic to the website.

Most agencies choose to blog as a great way to start your digital marketing content. Blogging about the existing products and services you offer might gain the audience who are looking for those products. Including the frequently asked questions by the public, common points, and important informative details, blogs can attract a huge attraction. Blogs and contents also establish a good relationship with your audiences.

Search Engine Marketing 

 Search Engine Marketing is a form of Internet marketing that deals with the promotion of the website by increasing its visibility in the search engines. It does so through the optimization and advertising in SERPs(Search Engine Result Pages). It also deals with SEO tactics as well as several other search marketing tactics. Offering a great opportunity for your business to put your ads in front of the related customers, SEM has gained multiple customers successfully.

SEM is paid efforts applied like Pay Per Click advertising (PPC) where you will gain per click for the website seen on Google. Bidding Keywords is the main advertising strategy in SEM where advertisers go in front of users when they type for the particular keyword they are looking or searching for. Search Engine Optimization is also one of the major components of SEM.

Search Engine Optimization

What will be the first thing you do when you need to know about some products or items? Most of your answers are searched online, aren't they? For this purpose, if you are aiming for digital marketing, your products need to be on the top in the search engines wherever someone is searching for them. This is the main goal of Search Engine Optimization.

Some of the sites also describe that if you are not on the first page of Google, you are nowhere in the online presence. No matter how great your content is, no matter how much you spend on the resources and strategies until you apply Search Engine Optimization, your Digital Marketing Strategies won't work. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a process for optimization and improvement of the website while ranking by the search engines. SEO aims to increase the number of visitors to the website. It especially deals with several guidelines applied which are :

  1. Technical SEO

It especially makes the search engine crawl easier and index the website faster. It also indexes the technical parts of your website and has nothing to do with the content of your website.

  1. On-Page SEO

It deals with optimizing content for keywords, heading title, internal links, and image SEO for your website, especially focusing on providing signals for crawlers about your website so that your website is navigated by your search engines.

  1. Off-Page SEO:

Off-Page SEO is about improving website search engine ranking with the help of improving site authority over other websites. This also deals with website promotion by building inbound links with your website and social media marketing.

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing (SMM) is a type of Internet marketing that is related to creating and sharing content on social media networks. It is done to achieve the marketing and branding goals for marketing. This especially involves activities like posting text, images, videos, and other attraction-driving content.

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, Pinterest, and Linkedin are some examples of social media platforms where you can promote the content of your business. Using these platforms, you can reach a large group of audiences, engage with them and increase traffic to the website. With millions of smartphone users, the number of people who use these social media platforms on mobile devices is increasing. With the increase in users, the scope of digital marketing also increases. Utilizing these resources and actively pushing social media marketing can play a huge role in uplifting the business.

What are the advantages of Social Media Marketing?

Strategies for Digital Marketing In Nepal

The two main strategies for Digital Marketing in Nepal:

  1. Business to Business (B2B) Digital Marketing

Your company can apply the B2B Digital Marketing technique if your company is focusing on activities like brand awareness, lead generation, and sales conversion. In this condition, your digital marketing strategy will center around attracting vision by the website or other channels that will increase the traffic to your website. You should also focus on social media platforms where the major business associates their time.

  1. Business to Consumer (B2C) Digital Marketing

Your company can use the B2C Digital Marketing technique if your company focuses on attracting people to your website, engaging with the prospectus regularly on social media channels to turn them into customers. For this, social media platforms like Instagram and Pinterest can be more used and valued so that the business can be directly connected with the customers to earn revenue through marketing.

Inbound Marketing or Digital Marketing

Inbound Marketing is a type of marketing technique that focuses on bringing the audience to you rather than you approaching them. It is also named Permission Marketing. Inbound marketing is a pull approach. It is a comprehensive and strategic marketing technique that focuses on creating captivating, engaging, and valuable content. It is linked with making the content human-driven so that it keeps your audiences engaged.

Inbound and Digital Marketing are confused by many people. Although these are not synonyms, they have the same meaning somewhat. Inbound marketing is a broader term that is used for a marketing methodology, but digital marketing employs a portion of the inbound marketing strategy in Nepal. Looking at the overview, brands gain high brand exposure and promotion with digital marketing in the context of Nepal.

Is your Digital Marketing Agency the best one?

The most important step for digital marketing is choosing the best digital marketing agency. Your agency shouldn't only be the one to apply the techniques for the achievement of your goals but it should make the efficient methodologies for digital marketing.

Multiple marketing agencies work for digital marketing in Nepal but among those service providers, you should make a wise decision. So how will you choose? You have to choose the agency that goes for performance-driven techniques. Your marketing agency must care about its performance and success. Their website can be evaluated to know their performance by the content and engagement they have on social media platforms. Other multiple traits of a digital marketing agency can be researched and selected.

Who is a Digital Marketer?

With the increase in digital marketing, the demand for digital marketers/managers also increases. Recently, brands have gained a lot of success through investments in digital marketing in Nepal. Due to these reasons, agencies search for an expert, who can bring their company better results for online marketing. Some of the responsibilities of a Digital Marketer are:

Falcon Tech In Digital Marketing

Falcon Tech has been involved in Digital Marketing with the aim to provide the best services to clients. Due to its dedication and services, Falcon Tech has been listed as one of the best Digital Marketing companies in Nepal. Focusing on the Marketing approach, we study and research in-depth about the brand, which helps to further understand. 

With the brand understanding, the vision of the brand, and the marketing ideas, Falcon Tech has always adopted innovative digital marketing techniques which have helped the company take the lead in the field. It especially focuses on social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook. This has helped to gain a lot of media attention focusing on the targeted age group. 

As Digital Marketing is an important aspect of a business, Falcon Tech gives a very high priority to it with a market study. Comparing the brands and market policies, we focus on the digital marketing strategies to attract and enhance the number of customers that thoroughly leads to the brand's advertisements.


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Digital Marketing in Nepal

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