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Recently, Digital Marketing in Nepal has been a savior for companies in the context of its brand awareness, greater sales, and prophesied profits. Digital Marketing simply refers to advertising on the internet. Digital marketing surrounds all the marketing efforts that use the internet. Digital channels such as search engines, social media, email, and websites are used by businesses to connect with their current and prospective customers. The most important role in marketing is to reach the right people in the right place at the right time. 

Digital Marketing is focused much when it comes to flourishing with Business to Business and Business to Customer. It uses internet channels such as search engines, social media networks, and emails where marketers promote and sell their products. Nepali companies have started embracing digital marketing, which has helped the digital marketing agency in Nepal to rise. They choose digital marketing to communicate with their customers through Internet, where they spend most of their time.

Why Digital Marketing In Nepal?

Growing technology has led to a huge growth in Digital Marketing among a large number of businesses. As most businesses are using digital platforms recently, digital marketing has been the need for them. The innovations in technology have caused digital platforms to change a lot. Connectivity, Authenticity, and Style have been the major ways people connect. Using the approaches and knowledge of digital marketing, the business has started digital marketing in Nepal. Digital marketing has brought a huge benefit for all kinds of businesses in terms of opportunities and chances to build a good relationships with customers. Let's learn some of the major benefits of digital marketing in Nepal.

  1. Digital marketing allows us to see accurate results in real time. Digital Marketing in Nepal offers the standard analytical tools that make it easy to track the Key Performance Indicators. 

  2. It can be used to achieve a high level of engagement with customers by providing the access to various digital channels helping in social media engagement and building a long-term relationship with the customers.

  3. Digital Marketing has been a less expensive approach compared to the traditional approach. Being a less expensive approach, it is also the effective one.

  4. Digital marketing in Nepal also provides data that can be utilized to create highly customized marketing campaigns to reach the target audience and connect with them.

With the need and demand for digital marketing in Nepal, it is for sure that digital marketing agencies in Nepal will be gaining more clients in the upcoming years. Marketers mostly prefer to take a slow and steady approach to digital marketing with a strategic plan to get success and popularity within a short period. Most businesses are already on the online platform, which is a great opportunity for a digital marketing agency in Nepal. Within a certain bound of time, huge numbers of digital marketing companies have increased and are involved in digital marketing. Today, we have come up with the top 5 best digital marketing agencies in Nepal. Let's have a short look at them.

  1. Falcon Tech Nepal

Obviously, with the streamlined marketing plans, Falcon Tech Nepal is reviewed as the best digital marketing agency in Nepal. With the main aim to provide the best service for digital marketing in Nepal, Falcon Tech Nepal has recently grown to be the best digital marketing agency in Nepal with its unique marketing approach. Falcon Tech specializes in focusing on the marketing approach with deep study and research about brands that have further helped to undertake the digital marketing sector. Adopting innovative techniques like brand understanding, vision, and marketing ideas, Falcon is leading toward digital marketing business. 

Taking the lead in the field has recently gained huge attention from the media which they successfully did by focusing on the targeted age group. The company focuses mostly on social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook, the platform where most people spend their time. Giving high priority to the market study, comparing brands with their market policies, and running ad campaigns, Falcon uses digital marketing strategies to attract and enhance its list of customers. 

Falcon has spread its wings in app development, website designing, and testing besides digital marketing. It is also involved in creating attractive social media posts, professional graphic designs for posters, and the best UI/UX designs with designers. It has been creating some memorable marketing campaigns through digital media using the data-driven approach and AI-powered technology which eventually resulted in reaching the targeted audience with a lasting impression of the brand. Using search engine optimization in business branding has also helped businesses rank better on the internet. With all these multiple platforms, Falcon has been the best digital marketing agency in Nepal.

  1. Digital Gurkha

Digital marketing is the leading digital marketing agency in Nepal. It has been using the researched marketing approach in the branding which has been giving the best outcomes. Digital Gurkha is also famous for its digital marketing techniques using social media marketing and optimization. Its unique approaches and ideas have paved a successful path in the success of digital marketing. From a small start to bringing a huge impact on the Digital marketing industry, Digital Gurkha brought a big change in the industry.

Digital Gurkha doesn't only focus on providing Digital Marketing Services, it focused on the Digital Marketing course. They brought multiple courses related to digital marketing, content creation, and content writing which made both the clients and the company bring a huge positive impact. With a deep love for teaching and helping others, Digital Gurkha decided to open the Digital Gurkha Academy, with varieties of courses besides digital marketing. 

  1. Ads Media

Ads Media is a full-service interactive advertising agency that has been providing services since 1996. It believes in the idea that no market is too big, nor a project too small but the single design or entire advertising with the market campaign is a huge thing.  Ads Media follows the approaches that are a mixture of creativity and market analysis. It constantly monitors the progress to learn from the results. This analysis has helped them find the right campaign for the market. One of the great things about Ad Media's pride is that they have been associated with the best of brands and have exceeded their expectations for the last 23 years already.

With talented and knowledgeable professionals, Ad Media has allowed creative solutions to complex situations. The client service, a dedicated and talented group of creative and strategic professionals with an eye on the ever-changing market culture is the main cause behind the success of the company. It has understood that the growth of the organization is directly related to the success of the clients which has led them to put the client first, working on exceeding their expectations and building a long-lasting relationship with the. They have been involved with very popular brands and businesses, resulting bringing a huge change in marketing.

  1. Social Aves

Social Aves is Nepal’s first digital marketing agency. It has developed its roots since 2009 and earned a huge experience till date which makes it the most preferred one. In the world of technology, Social Aves has been focusing on creating a connection between the brand and audience emotionally, which has been the main reason to lead digital marketing. It experiments with new spurs creativity that is blended with the expertise of the decade. Social Aves targets to make the business soar high in the digital landscape. 

It mostly focuses on social media marketing and content marketing to fuel the social media accounts with high-quality content, watch the business shoot up with unique marketing ideas, and connect the customers with valuable content. It also uses search engine optimization and search engine marketing for its digital marketing campaigns to lead the business to n top and outrank the competitor’s ads. Besides, it also focuses on Influencer Marketing to amplify the brand credibility and Website Design and development that results in a great user experience.

  1. Marching Ants

Marching Ants has been a leading professional data-driven Digital Marketing Agency in Nepal. It has been offering data-centered digital marketing services for clients since 2015. With the 360 digital marketing solutions for customers to enhance their digital presence, marching ants has made the optimum use of standard tools to improve digital marketing. It has also been crafting ad campaigns and social media campaigns, further proving authentic, and transparent information about reach, leads, and conversions.

It has been a trusted agency with the everyday goal of making the client’s online presence best in the growth of the clients and company as well. Using effective digital marketing campaigns, Marching Ants has earned a huge name recently.


Currently, In Nepal, businesses are experiencing marketing efficiency, effectiveness, and growth, which is all through digital marketing. Agencies have started recognizing and realizing the potential reach of digital marketing, which has made them use the approach and techniques to market their products and company too. 

Falcon Tech Nepal focuses on bringing new approaches to digital marketing to make a huge impact on the branding of the clients and company.  We are always dedicated to providing the best service to achieve the goal of our clients. With multiple other services than digital marketing, we build a deep relationship with our clients to understand the different avenues of digital marketing.


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