Finally, MDMS Goes Live !! NTA to Block Grey Phones soon in Nepal

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You might have heard the hot news recently about restricting unregistered phones to be used in Nepal. Nepal Telecommunication Authority has now implemented the MDMS system to manage the import and use of mobile phones in Nepal. The main aim of MDMS is to ban mobile phones from entering the state illegally and to legalize the unauthorized use of mobile phones and SIMs by common people.

MDMS in Nepal

The Mobile Device Management System, or MDMS, is the system designed to manage the use of mobile devices or cell phones. Its main aim is to assist in reducing the market for grey phones in Nepal while also helping in tracking broken or lost phones and bringing each unit under the direct supervision of the regulator. As a result of the lack of such a sophisticated regulatory framework up to now, the government's revenues have decreased which may be the main reason for the start of the new rule.

According to the recent news and updated by the system, MDMS will be used to prevent the importation, sale, and distribution of illegal mobile phones and to assist in the tracking of lost or stolen devices inside Nepal. It also implied that phones obtained through illegal means would no longer be able to use telecom services.

Additionally, it also indicates that the MDMS software has been integrated with every phone currently in use, including those that users have individually imported from outside. In the same way, the regulator has asked customers to confirm before buying phones after Bhadra 30 whether they have been registered in the MDMS. For further information, you can also check the official website of MDMD as

The three important points to remember:

What is IMEI?

IMEI stands for “International Mobile Equipment Identity”. The IMEI number serves as an exclusive identifier for a device on a mobile network. It is the social security number of any device. Every GSM device or phone has a 15digit MEID number. Also, the CDMA devices have a different one. The IMEI number for every device is unique and the number doesn’t match with other numbers. 

When your phone is lost or stolen, this IMEI number is very useful. By tracing the IMEI number, you can make sure that whoever found or stole the phone won't be able to use it, but it won't miraculously bring the phone back to you. Based on a device's IMEI number, your carrier can refuse to list it and can ask other carriers to do the same. This implies that even with a fresh SIM card, the phone will no longer be able to place or receive calls or access the internet via the cellular network. This feature is very advantageous.

How can you online register your mobile phone's IMEI with NTA?

You can register your phone by visiting the NTA portal if you are an individual or a mobile phone importer. The NTA allows two different paths to register the devices you import. Here are the procedures for online IMEI phone registration in Nepal.

  1. Go to the NTA website.

  2. Press Register or login to get started.

  3. Select a New importer or Individual applicant by clicking choosing upon your preference.

  4. To enter all of the information for your phone's IMEI, including the brand name, mobile number, IMEI/ESN/MEID number, name, address, and identity, click New Register.

  5. You’ll also need proof of your identity, either a Citizenship or ID card or passport). The identification ID photo for upload should be less than 3 MB.

  6. You must also include your email address or phone number.

  7. Then you have now filed for application.

How can you check if your device’s IMEI is registered in the NTA or not?

Follow the instructions below to determine whether the IMEI on your phone is an authentic one or one that has been registered with NTA. Follow the steps.

  1. Visit the NTA’s Know Your Device website.

  2. Enter and submit the IMEI of your phone.

  3. The information on whether you or the importer have already registered your phone will then be provided to you.

How to know the IMEI of your phone?

You can know the IMEI of your device using the following processes.

How to locate your IMEI by dialing a code?

  1. Open the Phone app on the device.

  2. Dial *#06#.

  3. It will display the IMEI and other data.

How to locate your IMEI of the device from the Settings?

  1. Launch the Settings app.

  2. Enter the phone About menu.

  3. You'll find the number displayed under IMEI if you scroll down.

For the Grey/Unregistered Phone Owners: Do They Need to Worry?

Due to COVID-19 and NTA's sluggish planning, MDMS has taken longer to activate. To monitor all mobile phones on all networks in Nepal, the telecom administration has now wholly prepared to install the MDMS. To make MDMS as effective as possible, the government is making strict efforts to ensure all-level coordination. To handle the importation of mobile phones into the nation, the government would include NTA into Nepal's National Single Window. Now, the MDMS will examine phones that are imported from outside and sold in Nepal for retail purposes by third parties. Threats won't apply to phones purchased in Nepal from approved retailers. The introduction of MDMS will have several effects on grey phones using any Nepali network.

  1. First of all, after Bhadra 30, your grey phone won't be functional for telecom services. All functional phones with Nepali SIM cards won't be immediately blocked as a compromise.

  1. One cannot file a police report for such a phone if it is lost. If one does, there is a good risk that doing so will put them in danger of using an unlicensed.

  1. Any Nepali carrier network will be unable to connect to your new grey phone. In the future, it won't operate with any Nepali telecom networks.

  1. The unlicensed phone's usefulness will be at a bare minimum because it doesn't receive any signal. You are unable to access any telecom services, and the device becomes all but worthless.

Advantage of MDMS

Currently, the NTA portal is used by the government to register IMEI of mobile devices. But because it hasn't been proportionate to addressing problems with mobile phones, this practice also has to be improved. But now that MDMS has been implemented, it maintains track of every phone. There will be a huge help for the mobile devices that enter the country legally as it will maintain the correct statistics. While the owners of stolen devices have the chance to get the straight device block. Owners currently need to go through the difficulties of filing an application with the police and contacting the NTA to find their phones.  


After months of deliberation and preparation, NTA has finally launched the MDMS to govern mobile phones in Nepal. However, have you registered your phone with NTA? If you haven't registered your phone, you should do it right now to prevent any potential service interruptions. What do you think about Nepal recently implementing MDMS? Will the import of gray smartphones be stopped? Comment down your thoughts regarding the matter.


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