What we do ?

With the technological development happening at a rapid pace, we enable small and big companies to move along and adapt to this change.
We are an innovative partner that helps big enterprises adapt to new changes, kickstart small companies to scale big and provide solutions to all your technological needs.
Our expertise lies in designing and developing top-notch applications. Be it a web and mobile app, or a full-fledged software, we provide solutions to all your needs to help you reach your perfect efficiency.
We also excel in giving your company stunning, eye-catching, unique, and perfectly designed graphics and logo designs crafted according to your requirements.
We offer the best solutions for our clients maintaining transparency and clear communication throughout the project from basics to its completion. We value our clients and believe in providing our best solution to help their brand and business reach the pinnacle.

Business Branding

Branding is how people perceive your brand. You can never make people feel a certain way towards your brand but it is always influenced and driven by how you come up in the market. Business branding gives the identity to your brand and helps people understand the core of your business. Our team at Falcon tech nepal will guide you with the branding process and take all the creative loads off your hands. Falcon tech has emerged as a leading and innovative digital marketing company in Nepal having worked with big and small scale businesses alike.

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Visual Identities Design

Your business needs an appearance, the way you would want to portray yourself in the market. Create timeless logos, attractive social media posts, professional graphic designs for posters, and the best UI/UX designs with our innovative designers. We just do not create digital media for your business, we also create amazing user experience through our visuals and creations. Our team at Falcon Tech Nepal are well equipped with the soft skills and hard skills to make sure your business has the best possible graphics.

Application Development

Get your website designed by our industry experts and professional web designers and developers. Create an attractive and effective website to capture your brand with the best UIs. Develop a static or complex site for business, organization, or individual with full support at an affordable price with Falcon Tech Nepal today. Also, get your feature-rich and seamless mobile application for android or iOS from our experts in mobile app development.Falcon tech Nepal helps you get cost-effective, reliable, and featureful software development services. We follow the best software development practice and deliver the best quality software that meets all your requirements.

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Our Approach


Every innovation and product is unique and requires a different approach. We ask tons of questions, interrogate and research to learn your business challenges, goals, and vision.

  • Process Mapping
  • Market Research
  • Learn product


We then understand who your customers are, what they want, and what your product needs to close the gap. We understand your requirements and visualize your vision to help us achieve them.

  • Target Audience
  • Set Goals


We believe a prototype enables feedback which is crucial for a good product design. So, we design prototypes and personalized experiences for your users. This helps formulate plans for better user-centric designs

  • UI/UX
  • Prototype


Communication helps bring forth the best quality in a work. We will constantly engage and interact to discuss the product and keep it on track..

  • Communication
  • Analysis

Professional Work

We finally present you with the best result to your satisfaction. With our dedication to bring success to our clients and help them reach the pinnacle of their potential, we work with utmost professionalism and quality to bring the idea to life

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Our Product

restaurant management system Thumbnail

School Management System

An application that can manage the overall management of the school.

restaurant management system Thumbnail

Restaurant Management System

A software that manages the restaurant.

We Care

We care about the quality of work we provide and clients’ satisfaction which can be seen in our results. We see customers’ happiness and the dedication we put into work as the highest priority.

About Trust

We believe it’s important to maintain integrity and transparency for a good relationship. We value our words and are transparent with the clients because we care about maintaining trust.

About Dedication

Bringing the best result on the table and meeting your goals and expectations is not achievable while slacking off. Therefore, we work tirelessly and hit timelines to achieve your business goals because we respect and care about your dedication to your business.

About Craftsmanship

Passion brings in quality and makes the best product. We with passion and goodwill even if the work is programming, designing, or anything. We flush out the best result with no compromise because we care about craftsmanship and quality